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About the Hag, her inspirations, loves, and gifts

The Hag - Katie

Katie was introduced to psychic phenomena by her Godmother as a child. Since 1986, Katie has continually studied various aspects of the field while developing and practicing her skills. She mastered the Tarot while living in Australia; In Toronto she studied Spiritualism for four years under Rev. June Strudders of Britten Memorial and Rev. Doreen Bald of Springdale. She refined her knowledge further in Lilydale, New York under the guidance of Rev. Ilene Thomas. From 1992-99 Katie was an active member and lecturer of the Psychic Society of Toronto and presented at number of psychic fairs.


Katie's keen interest in mystical knowledge led her to study kabalistic Mysticism for four years under the great Kabalistic Rabbi Chezi Nagar. Currently, Katie is an active Wiccan Priestess in the Odyssean Tradition and a member of the Wiccan Church of Canada. She  teaches at various Pagan festivals across Ontario and the U.S. and actively practices Spiritual Healing, Reiki, and Reflexology, the latter passed down to her by Kovacs Andras, a Hungarian Táltos (shaman). Katie  currently resides in Windsor, Ontario, where she runs her dream shop.