This polyresin Brigid statue is depicted by image artist Maxine Miller with a two lambs, one shorn and one full of wool, as she casts her triple wand at a triskelle-adorned well below her.

Brigid, also known as Bride, Bridey, Brighid, Brigit, Briggidda, Brigantia, is one of the most popular Celtic Goddesses. She is triple aspected with Midwife - healer/nurturer/herbalist, Blacksmith - keeper of fire/craftswoman/transformer and Poetess - bringer of wisdom/guidance/prophecy. Symbols of her worship are hidden throughout the piece.

  • Item is made of polyresin, hand painted and polished.
  • It is 10.75" tall and 7.75" long approximately

Brigit, Brigid or Bríg | Celtic Goddess