Featuring a metal  rim, this deluxe drinking horn is made from 100% pure cow horn and holds approximately 750ml  of water, wine, ale, beer, or mead. The exterior is polished to a shiny surface. The inside covered with organic Bees Wax from Ontario, Canada. Horns from cows, buffalos or oxen have traditionally been used as drinking vessels by various people in many regions of the world, this fine specimen is a great example of the practice.


Drinking horns were traditionally used in many parts of the world. Sometimes ceremonial, and often as an everyday drinking horn. What is unique about the horn, it cannot be set down on a table until it is empty.


This includes a leather holster Hand crafted out of quality leather. To use this holster just loop it through your belt and you good to go. You will be able to walk around and enjoy your drink with your horn on your side!

Metal Rimmed Viking Drinking Horn