This brilliant statue depicts not one, but two Greek figures as they share knowledge. In this Bronze Pan and Daphnis Statue, the infamous satyr Pan teaches a young mortal man to play a simple instrument. This impressive piece is based on an actual sculpture historically found near the city of Pompeii. The base of this statue consists of a rocky outcrop that acts as the seat for these two figures. Pan sits perched on one side, his goat-legs extended beneath him while he leans over, as though instructing his partner in how to play the pipes properly. As a satyr, Pan also sports two small horns atop his head. Daphnis, the mortal man born of Hermes, holds the pipes in both hands as Pans hands rest reassuringly on his shoulders. This impressively detailed statue is made from quality cold cast resin, and it has been hand painted to resemble gleaming metallic bronze. Rarely does one see Pan performing such an act of kindness, and that makes this Bronze Pan and Daphnis Statue all the more unique in collections and displays. Greek mythology enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this beautifully detailed, hand finished statue.
Key Features:
• Made of cold cast resin

Pan and Daphnis (Daphne)


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