There are those who believe that the Ouija board is a direct channel to the dead and a portal for otherworldly entities. Others say it’s nothing more than a harmless board game and overactive imaginations. Contacting the spirit world has a long history and has since become a rite of passage for teenagers around the world, but for those of you still left to try it, remember this – the Ouija board works like a phone and anyone on the otherside can answer your call, be sure you know the spirit you are contacting, always call the highest and the best. Use it with common sense and with care.


Witching Hour, cat ouija spirit board. Few mystical tools surpass the spirit boad in terms of infamy or efftiveness. An excellent communication board laid out for ease of use. The matt finish on durable board allows for smooth sliding of the plachette and easy reading. Dimensions 15" x 15" x 1/4". (36cm) Lisa Parker design.


Witching Hour Ouija Board